No. 1 Remedy for mouth ulcers.

Keynote: Smelly breath, urine, sweat saliva and discharges.

Strange rare and peculiar symptom: Sensitive to slightest changes in temperature Emotional state: Anxious, restless, displeased, muddled.
Worse: heat, cold, evening, night.

Increased salivation. Dry mouth. Metallic taste. Extreme thirst. Right sided sore throats. Abscesses. Ulcers. Bone pains. Heartburn. Tendency to miscarry in the third month. *

*If you have Merc viv symptoms it is vitally important for you to avoid mercury, especially while you are pregnant. Mercury is present in amalgam fillings and can be released during dental work. Where possible delay dental work till after the birth. Mercury is also present in large fish, such as tuna and in most paints and glues. It is used as a preservative in many other chemical products, too, check labels.

Merc Viv 30c is included in the following Homeopathy World kits: