hard, engorged, hot, red, Belladonna 30c
hard, engorged, hot, pale, worse movement, Bryonia 30c
abcess with smelly, corrosive pus, Merc viv 30c
too much milk, Pulsatilla 30c
sharp pains in left breast during feeding, Silica 30c
abcess which is very slow to heal, Silica 30c
baby vomits / has colic after breast milk, Silica 30c
see also:
if abcess with pus, extremely painful, Hepar sulph 30c
also recommended:
if milk production varies greatly, Urtica urens 30c
if sore, cracked nipples, radiating pains, Phytolacca 30c
if too little milk, Dulcamara 30c