No.1 Remedy for panic

Keynote: Restless

Strange rare and peculiar symptom: Waking to urinate between 12 and 3am Emotional state: Fearful and withdrawn from loved ones.
Worse: For being touched.

People who need Aconite are restless and tend to fear the worst. Specifically they may have a fear of falling while pregnant and a fear of death. When they feel unwell their symptoms come on suddenly and intensely, causing them to panic. Aconite is a good remedy for nipping things in the bud, especially if symptoms started with catching a chill. Loss of appetite. Mouth tastes bitter. There is a tendency to dryness and thirst. Constipation with dry skin. Rectum, hemorrhoids and varicose veins have a bruised sensation. Useful in jaundice. Toothache. Painful retention of urine.

Aconite 30c is included in the following Homeopathy World kits: